A business case competition for the brightest students in the world.

Application opens around June to July 2019. Follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates!

A business case competition like no other

Create real business impact

The Unilever Future Leaders’ League (FLL) is our global business case competition that gives you a chance to create real impact with our top brands.

Each year, the best and brightest university students from all over the world join this programme, designing innovative solutions to real business challenges.

Key facts on Unilever Future Leaders’ League Programme

Only full-time undergraduate students from local universities


Register in groups of three or as an individual

Make your Mark

Compete on a global stage

Real Brands, Real Challenges, Real Rewards. Find the best solution to a real brand challenge and see your ideas implemented in Unilever. Win the Singapore round for the chance to fly to London and compete against the brightest students from around the world.


Toh Jing Ting
FLL allowed us to come up with our own unique solutions to real business cases. At the same time, we were mentored by seasoned business leaders which helped fine-tune our ideas and make them more feasible and exciting without compromising the brand purpose and consumer needs. As a non-marketing student, I must say this journey really strengthened my business acumen and allowed me to look at an issue from different perspectives. Toh Jing Ting NUS Student
ULIP – Marketing
Cai WenJie
The opportunity to present solutions for a real-life business problem to the brand leaders themselves was really an exhilarating experience for me. Being part of the business today, I can’t help but realize that the experience during FLL was an appetizer to the exciting projects that I manage now. Cai WenJie NTU Alumni
Assistant Brand Manager (UFLP Graduate, Marketing)
Kimberly Toh
Joining the FLL is a very good opportunity to find out more about Unilever and the FMCG industry. Part of the experience was coming together with the team to brainstorm solutions to real-life business challenges. And one of the best moments was when one judge came up to us and he told us that he really liked our idea and will be working on it. I think it’s a really good feeling to know that your idea is being recognized by a senior leader. It’s an experience that I will never forget. Kimberly Toh NTU Student
ULIP, Human Resources
Regina Tan
FLL was definitely an eye opener for me and it was a very enriching experience learning about Unilever and the FMCG industry. Amidst all the fun we had eating too much Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, we actually got the opportunity to solve real-world issues, making a real impact with Unilever brands. During the competition, we also got the chance to meet with some of Unilever’s leaders who emphasized the importance of having fun. And that, I think, actually spoke volumes about Unilever’s philosophy to integrate work and play. Regina Tan NTU Student
ULIP, Marketing