We are a purpose-led company that’s changing the way we do business to create a better world through our brands.

Discover what you can do with your expertise and our focus on sustainability, here at one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies.



Our Marketing team helps us reach more people with compelling messages of some of the world’s best known brands. 


You will discover new ways to get our consumers’ attention, and to tell the story of how we contribute towards a more sustainable planet. It is also about creating visions for our brands and developing future-fit plans across the full marketing mix, across the global market. 


The scope is huge, and so is the opportunity to expand your potential.


Our end-to end Supply Chain will take your strategic and logistical skills to the next level.


You will work within the areas of Demand & Supply Planning, Innovation Management and Logistics & Procurement to take on interesting, large-scale challenges. Like getting 12,000 litres of ice cream across the desert without it melting. Or designing the best sourcing network to land our new innovations into markets in the most efficient way. Or bringing an innovative new product to life with smart procurement technology.


This is where you will deliver the power to look good, feel good, and get more out of life to billions of people around the world every day—in a planet-friendly and sustainable way.


Can you turn information into power? Because that’s what you will do in our Information and Analytics team.


You will help Unilever stay competitive by getting our business to become ever more data intelligent. That means building data, data science, and analytics into a core capability for driving sharper and quicker decisions.


You will work with artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, machine learning, and more. Most of all, you will help us make data a true asset.


Finance at Unilever is about seeing beyond the figures associated with our multi-billion brands, like Dove and Lipton, and getting to the heart of what they mean.

You will offer a financial perspective to business-critical decisions, such as those involving brand development, pricing strategy, investments, and benefits of innovation, just to name a few.


In short, you will play a large part in how we drive positive change across the company—and in the world.


People are the key drivers behind our iconic brands. And for that, we count on our Human Resources team.


You will translate your interest in people, and the expertise to bring out the best in them, into policies, systems, and tools that will help us attract, retain, and develop them.


But more than that, it’s about creating an employee experience that unlocks the talents and drive to grow our business as well as our positive impact on the world.

Unilever International is Unilever’s White Space Arm. As the ninth global cluster, we work across the world to fill white spaces for Unilever.


We treat the business as our own. As intrapreneurs, we introduce Unilever’s brands into white space geographies like Korea, Pacific Islands and Mongolia, and spearhead launches of iconic household brands like Dove, Lifebuoy, Sunlight, Fair & Lovely and TRESemmé into big markets like the U.S., China and Western Europe.

As Unilever’s growth engine, we establish global white space businesses in key channels, such as Health & Beauty, Discounters, E-Commerce and alternate channels like travel retail. We also market to institutional partners like the United Nations, and we’re seeding Unilever brands to overseas diaspora who crave for a taste of their familiar home brands. 

Singapore is our hub, leading strategy marketing thinking, seeding plans, and alignment with the global categories and supply chain. Our other hubs are in North America, LATAM, Europe (UK and France), NAMETRUB (Dubai), South Asia and North Asia.  


We’re in a game changing business and speed is the mantra for our resounding success. To serve the underserved, we embrace a founder’s mentality, explore unchartered territories, and redesign end-to-end business models to establish successful businesses. We make a difference by working fast and smart, nurturing our tribe and winning together.

At Unilever Food Solutions, our purpose is to free chefs to love what they do. We work with Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers of all sizes across 70 countries globally to help foodservice businesses create tasty and exciting menus that are good for diners, and good for the planet.  


Our brands include Knorr, Best Foods and Lipton—trusted and used by chefs and F&B operators every day.


If you are passionate about food and want to take part in shaping the next big food trend, you’ll be perfect here.